Sport’s Illustrated released an article with the “100 Things You Gotta Do Before You Graduate (Whatever the Cost).” Number 12 on that list is to go to a Saint Joseph’s University basketball game and cheer “The Hawk Will Never Die!”

I have been coming to Saint Joseph’s basketball games since I was a child, but that chant never had any true meaning to me until I stepped into the Saint Joseph’s student section for the first time during my freshman year.  The excitement of the students and alumni showed the passion that they had for their school and their team.  I immediately felt this sense of pride that they all Brigid_1shared while chanting “The Hawk Will Never Die!”

One of my favorite memories was my freshman year when we went to Villanova for the ‘Holy War’ game.  Villanova students had no clue, but the roll-out that they were handing down their student section was strategically placed by two Saint Joe’s students and read “The Hawk Will Never Die.”  The excitement through the Pavilion was incredible and it was definitely one of my top ten favorite basketball moments as a student.

Although many of my favorite memories from the past four years come from being in the student section during games with my fellow Hawks, this year my role has changed.

I have been a student manager for the men’s basketball team for the past four years but this year I was given the opportunity to Brigid_2travel with the team.  As a senior manager, my responsibilities include attending practice every day, travelling to games on the road and also working every home game.  It is a lot of work but also a lot of fun.  I have been able to visit new places and different arenas, meet many people in the sports industry, and even had the opportunity to attend the Old Spice Classic tournament hosted in Disney World.

Being behind the scenes gives me a different perspective on game day.  As a manager, I am able to see how much work the players and coaches put into every minute of practice each day and how much of their heart goes into each game.  Sitting behind the bench and hearing the chant “The Hawk Will Never Die” is a moment that I will always remember.  It reminds me of my first time chanting it freshman year, and how this legacy and tradition will always remain at Saint Joseph’s University.



Brigid Klarich is a senior studying Psychology with a minor in Autism Studies.  She is involved with the Redshirts, Hawks vs Cancer, Phi Sigma Pi and is the Men’s Basketball Manager.  She is too tall to be a Disney Princess and she loves all Whitney Houston songs.