During the first week of my freshman year, I walked into Bronstein Hall for my Work Study interview and I had no idea that it would be my second home for the next four years. College admissions is an extremely interesting and exciting field to work in and being an “Office Hawk” has opened up various opportunities for me.  I am now a Tour Captain for the Hawk Hosts, as well as a Student Carla_1Supervisor for the other Office Hawks.  I have also had the opportunity to be on the planning and organizing team for large admissions events such as Fall View Open House. The leadership skills I have learned through the Undergraduate Admissions Office will surely help in my future career endeavors.

I have come in contact with many prospective students and their families during my time in Bronstein, and they always ask for advice on choosing the right college or university.  I have put together the top three tips that every prospective college student should do.

1) Visit when school is in session.

Summer is a very popular time for high school students to visit college campuses.  However, visiting a campus when classes are in session gives you, as a student, a better feel for what other kinds of students are attending that university, which may influence your ultimate decision.  SJU offers daily Discover Days for this exact reason.


2) Ask questions!

As a tour guide, I can tell you that I absolutely LOVE when prospective students ask questions on tour.  The more interest you show, the better we are at gearing the tour towards you!  Whether it is a question about a major, a club or organization, or life on campus in general, we are here to help!  Don’t be afraid to speak up!


3) Make sure you feel at home.

Whether it is give miles or 5,000 miles away, the school that you choose will be your home away from home for the   next four years.  To ensure academic and social success, you should choose a school that you truly feel comfortable attending.  College is a time to grow and you want to be sure that you plant your roots in a place that you love.


The administrative staff and admissions counselors of Bronstein Hall have always been there for me, whether it was aiding in the stress of course registration or helping to celebrate a new job offer.  It is bittersweet to think that in a few short weeks I will be leaving the SJU campus to follow my dreams and pursue my career with Walt Disney World Entertainment.  However, after meeting some future Hawks, I know that I am leaving the school in good hands.




Carla Pontarelli is a Senior English major with a dual minor in Communications and Theatre from Holland, Pennsylvania.  She is a Tour Captain, Office Hawk, sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, member of the SJU Theatre Company, and Bongo player of the SJU Chapel Band.  Carla will be a full-time Walt Disney World Cast Member as of February.