Life as a student-athlete at Saint Joseph’s University is hectic to say the least. With a jam-packed day that may begin as early as 7:30 in the morning and last until late into the evening, it seems as if there’s never enough time in the day to accomplish half of the things that I know need to get done. The struggle of balancing being a full-time student, majoring in Accounting with a minor in Spanish, while also being a full-time athlete on the basketball team is real. Oftentimes, I feel as if I have to make a decision on which area of my life to focus on: academics or athletics.  It seems nearly impossible to give equal attention and to perform up to Kyle1the best of my abilities in both aspects of my life. Time and a lack of physical and mental energy are always my most daunting and formidable opponents.

A typical day for me usually begins around 8 AM. With classes lasting between 9:30AM and 3PM, the early morning is the only time available to squeeze in a lifting session at the gym. I’m not usually known as being a highly functional guy in the morning, but you got to do what you got to do.  Following this physically and mentally draining lift, I have to attend class for the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon. Considering the fact that I am an Accounting major, the majority of my classes are business related, with the others being some sort of Spanish class, whether it is language or culture. After class ends for the day at 3PM, I have to book it over to Hagan Arena to make it on time for a prompt 3:30 practice time start. Practice takes everything that I have out of me. It can last anywhere from two to three hours and is non-stop movement that requires my full attention. By the time I leave Hagan from practice and any sort of meetings that we might have, it’s usually about 7PM and I am faced with the decision of whether I should go to sleep or if I should tackle the pile of never-ending homework.  The decision usually turns out to be some combination of the two.

A typical day for me is non-stop and extremely crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am lucky enough to attend an amazing university and play the sport that I love.  Although being a student-athlete leads to little sleep and energy, it is most definitely rewarding.



Kyle Molock is a sophomore Accounting major, Spanish minor from Dublin, Ohio.  He plays Guard for the Men’s Basketball team at Saint Joseph’s University.  The season opener is Saturday, November 9th against the University of Vermont in Burlington.  You can find Kyle wearing #22 and cheer him and the rest of the Hawks on throughout the season!