I am only six weeks into my first semester as a college student and I can honestly say that by just trying new things, my time at SJU has been amazing and I have been having a terrific experience on Hawk Hill.


With the cast of The Buried Life

Never in my life did I think that I’d be having a blast at a foam dance party on my first weekend at school where I danced (actually swam) the night away. Never did I think that I’d get super excited to attend my biology lecture because I actually enjoy it so much. Never did I think that I’d be listening to stories from the cast of the Buried Life in the Perch, roaming around Philly with my roommate Kathryn on a nice, beautiful Saturday, or painting myself in glow paint for glow in the dark dodge ball with my new friends!


Fun on Road Trip

I could go on forever about the shock that I’m in about my college experience thus far, but I think the best message I have to say is that just trying new things has really made all of the difference. Not only trying new things in class, but also by attending the events provided by the school to enhance my transition into college. Specifically, I went on Road Trip, an overnight trip hosted by INIGO. This trip was for freshmen to get an opportunity to bond with other classmates. As an introvert, I’m not normally a fan of icebreaker games designed to get everyone out of their comfort zones, but I can honestly say that I truly got to know other people through this Road Trip experience, which took place at a summer camp where we got to spend time both indoors and outdoors.  Road Trip really was a great experience! It enabled about 40 members of the freshman class to spend time away from Hawk Hill with helpful upperclassmen group leaders. I’d have to say that my favorite activities from the trip were the night campfire, short creek walking adventures and the fun games that we played like Ninja and Tag. While I knew no one going into the weekend, I came back with many new friends because we all decided to try something new!

Obviously, just trying new things in class without actually paying attention will not guarantee me an A – just as only showing up to mass without actively participating in the prayer does not mean that I’m going to have an amazing spiritual experience; effort is required to make things happen. However, these efforts come so much easier to me when I make the initial decision to play an active role on campus. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me here at Saint Joseph’s and I can honestly say that I feel like a true Hawk after just being here to experience all that the school and community has to offer.





Madeline Bologa is a freshman, Philosophy major with a Biology minor from Nashville, TN.  She is involved with the Philosophy Society and the Women’s Club Lacrosse team.  She plans to become a part of the weekly service program at Lankenau Hospital and is interested in attending medical school after graduating from SJU.  In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading and jamming to music with her roommate!