“Finally nested! #THWND,” writes an excited freshman under the Instagram picture of her newly decked out Villiger dorm room. “I’m not feeling Campion today, so I’m going to grab a Hawk Wrap from D.B.,” replies a very tired upperclassman after a long day of classes. Feeling confused yet? No worries. This is just a sampling of the lingo you’ll learn when you come to Hawk Hill (the nickname given to SJU for its elevated location in Philadelphia)!

Every tight-knit community is bound to develop its own slang terms. A language only understood by those embedded into the culture. Our campus is no exception to this rule.

Here is a quick SJU vocabulary lesson that you can practice before your visit to SJU:

  • Hawk Wrap (n.): a delicious wrap found in the Campion Food Court. Everyone on campus loves this signature delicacy for its magical combination of chicken tenders, lettuce, tomato, cheese and of course, Hawk sauce.
  • THWND (abbr.): an abbreviation for “The Hawk Will Never Die”. This is a phrase we say to show our school spirit, as well as a tribute to our famous SJU sports teams. Go to a basketball game and you will hear this saying being chanted by thousands of students. Oh, and yeah, it also alludes to the fact that our mascot, the Hawk, never stops flapping!


    Hawkmates with Father Gillespie

  • Hawkmate (n.): a word used to describe that special someone you met on Hawk Hill. This campus provides so many opportunities to connect with amazing people. Some find love on campus. Some even marry their SJU significant other in the future. Let’s be honest though … most use the word jokingly to describe their best friend.
  • SUB (abbr.): an abbreviation for the “Student Union Board”. This is a major student-run organization with the purpose of planning activities, big and small, for students on campus. Upcoming activities include restaurant and shopping trips, the cast from the TV show The Buried Life making a visit to Hawk Hill, a trip to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere at a local theatre and a NYC trip to see Wicked on Broadway.
  • Magis (n.): a Latin word from the Jesuit tradition meaning “the more”. Although the word’s pronunciation is debated, its meaning for us is highly agreed upon by the campus community. This word encourages students to live greater, in other words, find your passions, strongly pursue them and make the most of your opportunities in college and in life for the greater good.

There you go – a little insight into the typical Saint Joseph’s University student’s lingo. Even if we don’t all use these words and phrases every day, we all know them and love them! Now you’re one step closer to becoming an official SJU student! “That’s the Magis!”




Stephanie Eklund is a sophomore with an undecided major from Springfield, PA.  At SJU, she enjoys community service, the Music Department and her lovely friends. Her favorite parts of her freshman year included Service-Learning, Road Trip, and her work with the Peer Educators.