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What is a Hawk’s Eye View?

It’s a brand new school year here at Saint Joseph’s and I’m excited to be the first student to welcome you personally to a new initiative here online at SJU.  Hawk’s Eye View – our newest student blog for prospective students and their families to gain a genuine and unique perspective of happenings here on Hawk Hill.

What does someone experience at Saint Joseph’s University? What motivates us? What are we learning? How are we engaging with our campus and the greater community? But most importantly, how are these experiences shaping our understanding of the world? I, and other student and staff bloggers, hope to provide insight to all of the above.



Beginning my senior year, I am filled with lots of excitement – and more than a few nerves – as I enter the last chapter of my life at Saint Joseph’s. I realize that this school has provided me with so many opportunities to not only grow academically, but also grow as a person and understand the complicated intricacies of life and how I can go out and make a change in the lives of others. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Clincho, Virginia on the Appalachian Experience, lead a new honor fraternity on campus, gain invaluable knowledge working in the Undergraduate Admissions Office (an opportunity I hope to further pursue after graduation), explore my interest in literature and write an original novella as a Summer Scholar, serve as an Iñigo Road Trip leader, and countless

Friends on Hawk Hill

Friends on Hawk Hill

other opportunities. Collectively, these experiences have challenged and inspired me to not only make Saint Joseph’s a better place, but help make the experience of my peers better as well. And while my time here at SJU is going to end on May 17, 2014, I already feel that this university has prepared me for the next chapter of my life – instilling in me an understanding of our Jesuit tradition, allowing me to explore all my interests, and enrich my college experience with lifelong friendships and connections.

I remember the college search being stressful, but there is no better feeling than walking on campus and getting the strange sensation that everything feels just right. I have certainly found a home away from home here at Saint Joseph’s and I hope to share my story with others who may be interested in living, studying, and succeeding here at SJU in the future.

This post begins a weekly series that chronicles the daily lives of students at Saint Joseph’s University. From summer internships, to the first-year experience, to learning all about what this magis word really means, we hope this blog will help introduce prospective students, parents, and alumni to read and experience all that this great university has to offer.


Robert Cusella


Robert Cusella is a senior English major from Eagleville, PA. When not working in the admissions office, getting lunch with friends, or running to meetings, you can find him in the writing center enjoying free tea and good conversation with fellow tutors.


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