5 Things to Know about Being a Transfer Student

Whether you are a high school student planning on transferring in the future, or a current college student looking to change your experience, there are things every student should know before beginning the transfer process.  College admissions can seem daunting, … Continued

From Hawk Hill to Tokyo

Finally, after 14 hours of plane rides and a 2-hour bus ride that took me through the gigantic, beautiful, and spotlessly clean city of Tokyo, I finally arrived at Shinagawa Station, the face of the Sony HR representative I had … Continued

Easy? Maybe Not…

But worth it? Absolutely! While beginning a new chapter in your life is always exciting, it may not always be an easy start. There is always some risk involved when trying something new. I’d say transferring to a new school … Continued

I Decided at Walk With a Hawk

When I was applying to colleges what seems like ages ago, I had figured it was better to have too many options than not enough options. That worked until I had 10 acceptance letters and no idea how to pick … Continued

10 Awesome Reasons To Be A Kinney SCHOLAR

1. Leg up on your competition. At Saint Joseph’s University’s Kinney Center, SCHOLARS receive training and field work at the undergraduate level. Most universities don’t offer this type of experience until graduate school.  SCHOLARS typically earn 2000 hours of hands … Continued

Why Not?

Nervousness and excitement. That is what I felt as I packed the car for the second time this past summer to venture to my new home, Hawk Hill. I knew I was excited to start my journey at SJU, but … Continued

Experiencing a New Culture in Texas

El Paso, Texas is a place and community that will forever have my heart, and an experience that I will always carry with me. Who knew that a week on an SJU Winter Immersion Program could leave such a lasting … Continued