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Dec 9 2019

10 Time Management Tips for Finals Week

Make a plan Busy weeks can be very overwhelming. Breaking everything down and making a game plan can ...
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Dec 5 2019

Hawk Hill at the Holidays

As fall classes come to an end and finals are approaching, here are some spots on Hawk Hill ...
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Nov 21 2019

Sales Certification Program

We at the Haub School of Business are excited about launching our Sales Certification Program for not only ...
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Nov 14 2019

Factors to Consider When Choosing a School

Choosing a school can feel like the scariest and hardest decision you will ever have to make, but ...
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Nov 5 2019

Basketball Season: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today feels like Christmas! No, not because I only have one class on Tuesday, but because tomorrow is ...
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Oct 31 2019

Biology at SJU

Hello! My name is Jess Micale and I am a senior Biology major and Financial Planning minor here ...
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Oct 30 2019

Education at SJU

My name is Grace Schillinger and I am a senior, double major with elementary education and special education. ...
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Oct 29 2019

Marketing at SJU

Hi, I’m Margaret! In May of 2020, I will be graduating from Saint Joseph’s University with a degree ...
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Oct 28 2019

Communication Studies at SJU

Hi! My name is Madison Auer and I am a senior Communication Studies major and Art minor here ...
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Oct 23 2019

Getting Involved with Service Learning at SJU

Ten years ago, I started my first semester at SJU. Writing this, I overlook campus from my office ...
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Oct 21 2019

Transferring to SJU

Transferring is without a doubt a unique and fairly intimidating experience. It can be a rather uneasy feeling ...
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Oct 17 2019

Explaining Test-Optional

At Saint Joseph’s University, we offer undergraduate applicants the option to submit their test scores, meaning test score ...
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Oct 8 2019

10 Lessons from the First Month on Hawk Hill

Congratulations! You did it! You survived your first month in college! Easier than you thought, right? You’re probably ...
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Oct 3 2019

Being a Hawk On and Off the Field

To be a Hawk is special. Here we aren’t just a part of a group; we contribute and ...
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Oct 1 2019

Navigating the Application Process

As you begin to apply to different colleges and universities, you’ll notice a few different application options and ...
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Sep 24 2019

Financial Aid FAQ

As you’re going through the college search process, undoubtedly, how to pay for your education remains a big ...
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Sep 18 2019

Don’t Overlook Your College Essay

Mid-September. Senior year. By now, hopefully, you’re settled into the school year and starting to think more practically ...
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Sep 10 2019

Why You Should Meet Your Admission Counselor

Throughout the college admission process, it’s important to understand that students are not going about their search on ...
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Sep 9 2019

5 Cheesesteaks to Try in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known for many things… the Liberty Bell, Rocky, the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, and ...
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Aug 29 2019

5 Things to Do Your First Weekend at SJU

Congratulations returning SJU students, you have almost made it through the first week of classes!  Wondering what to ...
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Aug 27 2019

Welcome, Class of 2023!

Welcome Class of 2023!  Welcome to Hawk Hill! The bustle and stress of move-in is finally over and ...
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Aug 23 2019

What to Expect Move-In Weekend

And just like that, summer is drawing to a close and move-in is right around the corner!  Residence ...
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Aug 21 2019

How Your RA Can Help You

“Welcome home!” New students hear this expression countless times as they settle into life on Hawk Hill – ...
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Aug 13 2019

What I Learned During My Summer Internship

The call from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) came in the beginning of March, congratulating me on my ...
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Aug 7 2019

13 Things You Didn’t Think to Pack: Odds and Ends For Your First Semester of College

Figuring out what to bring to your freshman dorm is hard!  But, we are here to help. We ...
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Aug 1 2019

Think Before You Apply

As summer begins to wind down and the smell of fall seeps in through the air, there is ...
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Jul 24 2019

My Summer Study Tour in South Africa

The availability of Study Abroad programs can be a major influence on which college you choose. That was ...
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Jul 17 2019

Dive In at the Summer Open House

It’s officially summer! While I am a firm believer in soaking up every second of summer by the ...
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Jul 11 2019

The Importance and Value Behind Summer Internships

  Prior to my junior year, I believed that internships were a great opportunity but not necessary.  I ...
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Jul 9 2019

Preventing the Summer Sweats: How to Get Ahead in the College Search

It’s summertime; the days are longer, the weather is usually hot and clear, and you’re just now realizing ...
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Jul 3 2019

Philly in the Summer

While Saint Joseph's University has a number of notable features, one of the most exciting aspects is the ...
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Jun 24 2019

Orientation: What To Expect & How to Make the Most of It

  SJU Orientation Saint Joseph’s University provides incoming freshmen with an Orientation experience unlike any other. Leading up ...
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Jun 19 2019

The 10 Best Places to Eat Around Campus

“So… where do you want to eat?” This question can be so hard to answer, and for students ...
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Jun 12 2019

My Summer Scholars Journey

At the beginning of my Spring semester of Junior year, I remember being filled with anxiety, anticipating searching ...
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Jun 6 2019

Campus Hot Spots During the Summer Months

As the warm weather quickly approaches, you may be adding a college road trip to your summer plans. ...
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Jun 3 2019

Questions To Ask on a College Visit

“Do you have any questions for me?” can be an intimidating inquiry, regardless of the situation you are ...
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May 31 2019

What I Learned During My Freshman Year at SJU

I will be sincere. I would never have believed that after only two semesters I would have such ...
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Saint Joseph's University Campus Shot

May 28 2019

SJU Reads Early Arrival Program

If you are interested in learning and talking about immigration and exploring some of Philadelphia’s immigrant neighborhoods, then ...
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May 20 2019

BEAGLE Early Arrival Program

OK! It’s 12:30 am and I’m still awake, pondering over what exactly to write about the early arrival ...
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May 15 2019

Philadelphia Service Immersion Program

Welcome Class of 2023! We can’t wait for you to begin your journey on Hawk Hill! There is ...
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May 14 2019

Running Start Early Arrival Program

“The friends that I made during my Running Start Program were the same group of students that I ...
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May 13 2019

AIM Early Arrival Program

Congratulations, new Hawks! You are about to make Hawk Hill your home for the next four years… but ...
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May 6 2019

The Hawk Will Always Fly

There’s a Cooper’s hawk that has been hanging around our house in Philadelphia’s East Oak Lane section the ...
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Apr 30 2019

Why I Decided to be #HawkHillBound

“I decided to come to SJU during my Admitted Students Day visit. I was walking out of Hagan ...
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Apr 22 2019

What Saint Joe’s Has Taught Me

As an Undergraduate Admission Intern, I give daily presentations to countless families each week on the university and ...
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Apr 15 2019

9 Things To Do on the SJU 2023 Facebook Page

1. Vote on your favorite stuff Whether it’s a sticker or a class logo, all polls for the ...
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Apr 10 2019

The College Search Process: What To Do in Your Sophomore and Junior Years to Prepare

You blinked, and now you’re halfway through your high school career. What’s next? If college is an option ...
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Apr 9 2019

Making Your College Decision: A Quick Guide

Making Your College Decision: A Quick Guide The decision on where to attend college may feel overwhelming right ...
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Apr 5 2019

Top 10 Things to Do at Admitted Students Day

1. Take a campus tour! Even if you’ve visited before, get a refresher and take a stroll around ...
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Apr 3 2019

Admitted Students Day, A Family Affair

The day is still so vividly imprinted in my mind. As someone who is a night person through ...
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Mar 29 2019

Spring Concert 2019!

It is almost spring and that means that the spring concert is around the corner! Each year, Saint ...
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Mar 27 2019

Women’s Leadership Initiative: Discussing Real Issues and Making Real Changes

Women’s Leadership Initiative, a student-led campus organization, helps female students develop professionally while also combating social gender issues ...
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Mar 25 2019

My Walk with a Hawk Experience

Hi, my name is Mikaela Thomas and I had the pleasure of going to Admitted Students Day, the ...
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Mar 19 2019

Life After Hawk Hill: Dancing for the 76ers

            Being a member of the Saint Joseph’s University Dance Team has been an indescribable experience. I would ...
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Mar 18 2019

Making Sense of Financial Aid

You’ve been accepted to Saint Joseph’s University! Congratulations! Hopefully you have received your Financial Aid Award Letter (or ...
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Mar 14 2019

The Faces of Service

Hello! My name is Jack Paris and I am a senior at Saint Joseph’s University. While thinking back ...
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Feb 28 2019

Pursuing the Magis

Although it was close to a year ago, I remember Scholars Weekend like it was yesterday.  My parents ...
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Feb 27 2019

Women in Science at SJU

As a second semester senior in biology at SJU, I look back at the last three years and ...
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Feb 22 2019

15 Things I Learned On and Off the Field

Senior field hockey players Anna Willocks, Monica Tice and Joely Helder share 16 lessons they learned on and off ...
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Feb 19 2019

Professor Perspective: Building Bridges of Opportunity

This past week, as I crossed City Avenue for a meeting in Barbelin Hall, I overheard a conversation ...
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Feb 15 2019

Food Marketing Co-Op: Where Passion Meets Experience

When I started my freshman year at St. Joe’s, I was an Undeclared Humanities major; however, I knew ...
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Feb 8 2019

The View From the Student Section

Let me paint you a picture of the SJU student section...   Billy Legg, Kevin Duncan, and Sam ...
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Feb 4 2019

What it Means to #BeAHawk When You Are The Hawk

Being a Hawk is something I take a lot of pride in. When I was in the thick ...
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Jan 31 2019

A Lifelong Hawk

To many, college is nothing other than a four-year experience.  However, my experience at St. Joe’s has exposed ...
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Jan 24 2019

Transitioning from Puerto Rico to Hawk Hill

Coming from Puerto Rico, I found myself afraid to go to a university outside of the island I ...
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Jan 23 2019

Going Greek?

Before coming to college, I knew I wanted to be a part of Greek Life. I grew up ...
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Jan 15 2019

Professor Perspective: Business Intelligence & Analytics

Happy New Year!   One of the presents I got this holiday season was an activity tracker. You ...
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Saint Joseph's University Campus Shot

Jan 8 2019

Preparing a Regular Decision Application

Regular Decision.  “Isn’t it a little late to be applying to college?”  This article is here to demystify ...
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Jan 3 2019

The Place Where the Door is Always Open

As a freshman, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the many extracurricular opportunities our campus has to ...
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Dec 19 2018

Top 6 Reasons Why the Holidays Are Better on Hawk Hill

1. The decorations go up Nothing is better to get you into the holiday spirit than the smell ...
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Dec 13 2018

Coach Phil Martelli on What it Takes to #BeAHawk

We sat down with the Saint Joseph's University Men's Basketball coach, Phil Martelli, and asked him what it ...
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Dec 7 2018

Why I Decided to #BeAHawk

Being the first child, my parents had no idea where to take me for college tours. They threw ...
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Nov 19 2018

Communication is Key: A Guide to Professional Etiquette

Interview, phone calls, emails. Just hearing these words can make you break into a sweat. Add “College” into ...
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Nov 13 2018

Study Art. It’s Fun!

People tend to stereotype the study of fine arts as either “easy” or that in order to take ...
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Nov 9 2018

Support Through Encounters

Leaving home and going to college creates a great deal of apprehension. Even though new students are joining ...
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Oct 29 2018

Home is Where the Hawk is

"So, why did you pick St. Joe's" One of my favorite questions to answer. I could talk about the professors, ...
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Oct 25 2018

Financial Aid for Beginners

Navigating the financial aid process can seem daunting, particularly if you are going through it for the first ...
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Oct 23 2018

The College Interview: Debunking the Myths

“What do you mean I have to do an interview?  I thought I just had to submit an ...
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Oct 18 2018

Change your Destination, Keep your Dreams

Growing up, we are told that our college days will be the best days of our life; that ...
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Oct 17 2018

Starting Over: The Benefits of Transferring to SJU

I grew up just a mile away from Saint Joe’s, and for a long time I always appreciated ...
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Oct 15 2018

Transferring to SJU: A One-on-One Experience

Odds are, you have been through this before: campus tour, application, financial aid, orientation, course registration, and so ...
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Oct 13 2018

Why I Applied Early Decision…

My love for Saint Joseph’s University began at the early age of ten years old. I remember visiting ...
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Oct 10 2018

The Top Ten Reasons to Apply Early Action

The Top Ten Reasons to Apply Early Action As the fall season begins to get crazy, it may ...
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Oct 2 2018

Test Optional: What Does It Mean?

You’re sitting there in nervous anticipation. You can feel the beads of sweat begin to form on your ...
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Sep 26 2018

7 Tips for a Successful College Fair Experience

Taylor Miller, one of the admissions counselors at Saint Joseph's University, has a few key tips to ensure ...
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Sep 13 2018

Six Tips for Your Brilliant College Essay

The college essay often gets the reputation of being misunderstood and over-complicated. Whether students think admission offices are ...
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Sep 4 2018

What I Would Do Differently…

What Would You “Do-Over” Hear from some of our rising sophomores about how they would have changed their ...
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Aug 29 2018


Maddie Michowski ('19) reveals her Saint Joseph's University moment. Maddie Michowski, '19 If you are lucky enough to ...
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Aug 13 2018

From Scottsdale to Philly: Finding a Home on Hawk Hill

The mother of incoming freshman Connor T. ('22) talks about her son's decision to attend Saint Joseph's University ...
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Jul 26 2018

Understanding College Application Options

When applying to college you make dozens of decisions. What schools should I visit? Where should I apply? ...
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Student leading campus tour with group of prospective families

Jul 9 2018

Making the Most of Your Campus Visit

First impressions always count. This saying can be true for a job interview, meeting someone new, trying a ...
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Jun 25 2018

How to Navigate Your College Search

Wherever you are in your college search, Brad Simon provides tips for successfully creating a plan for your ...
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Jun 20 2018

Orientation 2022: 10 Tips for an Awesome Experience

Orientation for the Class of 2022 begins this Friday, June 22. Orientation Leader Jessica Panek '20 runs down ...
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Mar 10 2018

Why I Chose SJU: Paul Ammons ’20

Have you made your #sjudecision yet? Learn from current student, Paul Ammons '20, why he chose SJU and ...
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Feb 9 2018

Student Takeover Spotlight- Alex Velazquez ’20

Alex Velazquez ’20 is an Economics major with minors in Political Science and Justice and Ethics in the ...
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Feb 2 2018

Student Takeover Spotlight- Asha Jacob ’18

Asha Jacob ’18 is a Biology and Environmental Science major with a minor in English. Look out for ...
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Jan 25 2018

Student Takeover Spotlight- Steven Bradley ’20

Steven Bradley ’20 is a Communication Studies major with a Marketing minor. Look out for him and many ...
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Jan 18 2018

Student Takeover Spotlight- Madison Rojas ’20

Madison Rojas '20 is a Finance and Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) double major with a minor in ...
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Jan 9 2018

Empowered by the McNulty Scholars Program

Marisa Egan '18 is one of the selected young women in SJU's John P. McNulty Scholars Program. Read about her ...
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Dec 17 2017

When Saint Joseph’s Comes Knocking…

Casey Clemetsen ’21 was one of seven students whose SJU acceptance letter was hand-delivered to her last year ...
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Oct 28 2017

8 Reasons to Apply to SJU

  Applying early to SJU offers a range of benefits — from exclusive scholarship opportunities to possibly getting a ...
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Aug 22 2017

Making Magic in the Disney College Program

Danielle Prioleau ’18 recalls the magical moments she created during her semester in “The Happiest Place on Earth.” ...
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Jul 27 2017

SJU: My Missing Puzzle Piece…

...the piece that fulfilled David Hummel's '20 journey of self-discovery.   As someone with autism, adapting to any ...
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Jun 29 2017

From San Juan to Saint Joseph’s

  Gabriela Perdomo ‘20, a student from San Juan, Puerto Rico, reflects on her decision to fly the nest and ...
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Jun 22 2017

The ABC’s of Orientation

Orientation 2017 has arrived! Here are 26 things to look forward to during your 36 hours on Hawk ...
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Apr 28 2017

Aim High at the Career Development Center

What better way to forge a career than at SJU's Career Development Center (CDC)? It's where Kayla Lane '17 ...
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Apr 19 2017

Reflecting on Mission Week 2017

The 3rd annual Mission Week at SJU started on Sunday March 19 and ended Saturday March 25. Its ...
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Apr 9 2017

6 Reasons to Make Your #SJUdecision

So, you got accepted to SJU? Congratulations! Getting that red envelope is the beginning of the most marvelous ...
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Mar 24 2017

Student Takeover Spotlight – Environmental Science

Karen Medina is participating in our #sjutakeover on March 26th, 2017. She and other students will be taking over ...
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Mar 6 2017

Winning Big in Vegas

Chris '18 and four other Food Marketing students had the opportunity to compete in the 2017 National Grocers ...
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Mar 3 2017

Student Takeover Spotlight – Sports Marketing

  Deja Wiggins is participating in our #sjutakeover on March 26th, 2017. She and other students will be ...
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Feb 13 2017

Peru: The Most Beautiful Heart

By Matt Byrnes To be fully immersed is to involve oneself deeply in a particular activity or interest. ...
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Jan 25 2017

The Community That Built Me

The word "community" means something special to the students on Hawk Hill. Tess Hill '18 illustrates what just how ...
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Jan 18 2017

Embracing New Adventures: Explore Philadelphia

Lizzie Fuller '18 has embraced so many of the countless opportunities that Philadelphia has to offer since becoming ...
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Jan 2 2017

THE Hawk’s Eye View

My name is Timmy Parks and I am a senior accounting major at Saint Joseph’s University.  In my ...
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Dec 18 2016

The #Redenvelope Always Brings Good News

Megan Gentleman '20 was one of six students whose SJU acceptance letter was hand-delivered to her last year ...
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Nov 29 2016

Meeting People Where They Are – A Year of Service

Where do Hawks land? Ben Chapman, a recent graduate, landed in Tacoma, Washington to serve through the Jesuit Volunteer ...
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Nov 9 2016

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Tess '18 learned that a little love goes a long way when she took part in the Appalachian ...
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Oct 20 2016

Easy is Boring, and India is Anything but Boring

Dan Soucy '18 wanted to create an exciting and fulfilling college experience for himself. This semester, he's doing ...
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Oct 12 2016

ASPIRE to Live Greater

Samantha Sur ASPIRES to live greater at Saint Joseph's through the Kinney Center and a keen sense of ...
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Sep 30 2016

Still in Villiger, and Loving It

Billy '17 loved Villiger and its inhabitants so much, he never left. This is, of course, because he ...
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Sep 16 2016

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Imani Briscoe reflects on the communities that helped her become the woman she is today.    Imani with ...
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Sep 10 2016

Small But Mighty

Sarah's experiences with the Math and Computer Science programs here at SJU have shaped the way that she approaches ...
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Aug 25 2016

Welcome Class of 2020!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC5Pv3MBfjw   Saint Joseph's University is proud to have received the highest number of applications for admission in ...
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Aug 18 2016

The Journey Begins When You Step Out of Your Ordinary

Antoinette's road to finding her passion led her straight to a Co-Op in Seattle. But getting there was quite ...
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Aug 11 2016

10 Reasons to Love Spending Summers at SJU

As a rising junior spending a second summer here on Hawk Hill, I cannot help but think that ...
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Aug 3 2016

Summer at Camp Kinney

Matt found a passion in a place he hadn't expected - the Kinney Center for Autism Education and ...
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Jul 22 2016

Summer Scholars – Not Your Average Filter

Nick Swanson '17 and a few fellow science majors are working to make a big impact in the lives of those ...
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Jul 16 2016

The Right Place, The Right Time

Shouts of “Welcome to Hawk Hill!” greeted us as we drove into the Hawks’ Landing parking garage the ...
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Jul 10 2016

Summer Scholars: The Redemption Project

Sara's Summer Scholars experience brought her out of the classroom and into Pennsylvania's prisons.    Kempis Songster, a juvenile ...
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Jun 30 2016

Why You’ll Never Regret Signing Up for P.S.I.P.

P...S...I...P… four letters that have come to mean so much to many Hawks at SJU. A program filled with ...
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Jun 23 2016

What do you do with a B.A. in English?

“I’m an English major!” “So… What are you going to do with that? Teach?” This is the reaction ...
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Jun 8 2016

20 Reasons to be Pumped for Orientation

20. Getting chased down for a ride up Hawk's Landing by your fellow classmates first thing in the ...
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May 25 2016

How I Learned to Navigate Life

It’s weird to finally be here, at the end of a 4-year journey, with the rest of my ...
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Apr 18 2016

11 Reasons to Make Your SJU Decision

11. SJU is full of truly swell individuals. The community is so warm and welcoming, how could you ...
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Apr 6 2016

From Hawk Hill to Center City: The Journey of an SJU DPT Student

Hi everyone! My name is Julia Madison, and I am a sophomore in the 3+3 Doctorate of Physical ...
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Feb 23 2016

The APEX High

Coming back from Spring Break, you can clearly see what people did during their time off.  You have ...
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Feb 10 2016

JETting to Puerto Rico

Known throughout the island, the Jesuit Excellence Tour (JET) needs no introduction to high schools across Puerto Rico. ...
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Feb 1 2016

The Walk That Changed My Life

Not too long ago, I was feeling the same way many high school seniors are likely feeling now: ...
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Jan 28 2016

Now what?

You submitted your college application to St. Joseph’s University, you waited patiently by the mailbox for days (maybe ...
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Jan 26 2016

Giving & Receiving: The Gift of Being a Kinney SCHOLAR

I have received a few very special gifts in my life, and one in particular that might be ...
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Jan 11 2016

5 Underground Facts About SJU

There are many great things to learn about Saint Joseph's University and you learn a lot when you visit ...
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Jan 5 2016

The Infamous Abroad Epiphany

Of all of the weird “Alli things” on my list, watching The Grinch year-round and wearing pajama pants ...
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Dec 3 2015

Hawks & Flyers: Finding a Passion in Digital Media

My experience as a Public Relations Intern for the Philadelphia Flyers has been anything but boring. This internship ...
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Nov 23 2015

Make Your Application Count

Hello seniors, and welcome to the winter of your final year in high school.  This year is exciting ...
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Nov 6 2015

Freshman 15: Registering for Spring Classes

Remember how last time I said time was literally flying by? Well, spring registration is around the corner ...
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Oct 28 2015

Why I Love Being a Hawk Host

“My favorite aspect of being a Hawk Host is sharing my enthusiasm for the beautiful school I call ...
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Oct 26 2015

Freshman 15: Getting Settled into the Nest

So, it’s been a while! Who knew the start of freshman year was going to be so crazy ...
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Oct 16 2015

Nope, I’m Not Looking for the Wifi Password

I came to Florence armed with an inbox of detailed itineraries that mapped anything that made everyone I ...
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Oct 8 2015

The Transfer Transition

Preparing yourself for the transition into a new school is hard enough as it is, but could you ...
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Oct 5 2015

Papa Francesco and a God of Surprises

This weekend was profound in more ways than we could have ever expected.  There is one word that ...
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Sep 23 2015

What Does Being Jesuit Educated Mean To You?

With Pope Francis landing in the United States yesterday and arriving to Philadelphia on Friday, we asked current ...
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Sep 10 2015

What’s Your Major?

“Where are you going to college?” “Saint Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia.” “Oh, cool! What’s your major?” Any graduating ...
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Aug 31 2015

Freshman 15: Nesting

Hey! I’m Anna, and I’m currently (as of like, a week ago) a freshman at SJU. I’m going ...
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Aug 25 2015

A Sense of Unfamiliarity

In every interview for any leadership position I’ve ever had at Saint Joseph’s, the common thread of the ...
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Aug 19 2015

Comedy – It’s My Thing

I like to make people laugh. It’s my thing. The issue with that, however, is that I didn’t ...
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Aug 13 2015

Finding Your Home on Hawk Hill

Questions.  We all have them - especially when entering an entirely new experience, like college.  You probably asked ...
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Jul 9 2015

Impacting Students’ Lives: The Role of a Freshman RA

College can be a fun and exciting time full of new adventures and experiences. But with new experiences, ...
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Jun 17 2015

Service: An Experience of Common Ground

As a freshman, I chose to participate in the Service-Learning program as a way to make friends and ...
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Jun 10 2015

Where do Hawks land? Lockheed Martin!

As cliché as it sounds, I knew that Saint Joseph’s was where I wanted to spend my next ...
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Jun 3 2015

Where do Hawks land? JVC Northwest!

During my last few days on Hawk Hill, I, like many other graduates of the class of 2015, ...
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May 14 2015

Where do Hawks land? Dental school!

Running down Broad Street, three years ago, I remember seeing the street sign for Allegheny Avenue and thinking ...
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May 6 2015

Where do Hawks land? E&J Gallo!

I am excited to say that I will be working for E & J Gallo Winery post-graduation as ...
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Apr 27 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Make Your SJU Decision

10. Because school spirit. https://instagram.com/p/1VdGdNyYLu/ 9. Because blue hair is more than just a fashion statement.   SJU ...
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Apr 24 2015

Advantages of Being an Undecided Business Major

If you know you want to be a business major, but are not sure which one to choose, ...
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Apr 6 2015

Finding a Home at Admitted Students’ Day

The days leading up to Admitted Students’ Day (ASD) seemed like ordinary days. The angst of which schools ...
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Apr 2 2015

5 Things to Know about Being a Transfer Student

Whether you are a high school student planning on transferring in the future, or a current college student ...
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Mar 30 2015

From Hawk Hill to Tokyo

Finally, after 14 hours of plane rides and a 2-hour bus ride that took me through the gigantic, ...
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Mar 12 2015

Easy? Maybe Not…

But worth it? Absolutely! While beginning a new chapter in your life is always exciting, it may not ...
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Mar 6 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Join the SJU Theatre Company

5) We Have a Theatre Company! Many students at Saint Joe’s don’t realize we have a theatre company! ...
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Feb 27 2015

I Decided at Walk With a Hawk

When I was applying to colleges what seems like ages ago, I had figured it was better to ...
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Feb 12 2015

10 Awesome Reasons To Be A Kinney SCHOLAR

1. Leg up on your competition. At Saint Joseph’s University’s Kinney Center, SCHOLARS receive training and field work ...
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Feb 4 2015

Why Not?

Freshman Orientation Nervousness and excitement. That is what I felt as I packed the car for the second ...
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Jan 30 2015

Experiencing a New Culture in Texas

El Paso, Texas is a place and community that will forever have my heart, and an experience that ...
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Jan 22 2015

What a Welcome!

The college application process is one of the most frightening, daunting processes a high school senior goes through. ...
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Jan 15 2015

From Flapping My Wings to Earning My Ears

Almost one year ago to the day, I found myself working among many upperclassmen within the admissions office.  ...
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Jan 7 2015

It’s OK to be Undecided

If you’re a senior in high school, it’s hard to imagine what life will hold next year -- ...
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Dec 18 2014

The red envelope always brings good news.

It was just a few days before Christmas and I was driving around downtown dropping off gifts at ...
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Dec 8 2014

The Pride of Being a Hawk

Walking through the doors of Hagan Arena is a feeling like no other.  I stepped into the arena ...
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Nov 25 2014

A Weekend with SJU’s Office of Multicultural Life

On October 25th, I was given the opportunity to attend the Office of Multicultural Life’s (OML) annual retreat. My ...
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Nov 18 2014

An Eye-opening Experience in Autism Education

The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support aims to improve the lives of individuals and families managing an ...
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Nov 11 2014

7 Reasons to Apply EA

Applying Early Action to SJU offers a range of benefits -- from exclusive scholarship opportunities to possibly getting a ...
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Oct 30 2014

“I’m Bored” – Said No Hawk EVER!

“I’m bored.” – These are two syllables that I don’t think I have ever uttered during my college ...
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Oct 13 2014

10 Reasons to Major in Admissions

While there isn't really a major in admissions, there are many skills that you can bring from lots ...
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Oct 3 2014

JETting with Jesuits

I have always loved to travel - when I was in college, I actually studied abroad twice! I ...
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Sep 19 2014

Welcome, Class of 2019!

We admissions counselors love this time of year!  It is a time for new beginnings and the creation ...
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Sep 9 2014

From Hong Kong to Paris: Studying Abroad

I got the travel bug at a young age -- I remember watching the travel channel in elementary ...
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Aug 28 2014

My Philadelphia Magazine Internship

On May 19th, almost a week after I had taken my last final of sophomore year, said goodbye ...
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Aug 21 2014

Why Haub?

There are so many reasons to choose Saint Joseph's University but the Haub School of Business (HSB) is just ...
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Aug 15 2014

Summer Scholars: My Quest to Redefine Beauty – Part 2

Throughout this summer during my Summer Scholars research, so many amazing things have happened. I was struggling at ...
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Jul 29 2014

Two Homes 2,721 Miles Apart

2,721. That’s how many miles away my son Riley will be when he goes off to college at ...
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Jul 22 2014

Transferring to SJU can be easy!

Are you looking to transfer to Saint Joseph's University for this coming fall?  Want to know how far ...
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Jul 10 2014

10 Things To Do When You #visitSJU

The first bit of advice that we give to students starting their college search is to visit, visit, and ...
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Jul 1 2014

The 18 Biggest Reasons to be Excited for Orientation

By: Megan Thompson'15 & Brian Lafferty'15 1. Nothing says welcome quite like an overly-caffeinated stranger jumping in your ...
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Jun 25 2014

Experiencing Uncharted Waters

Our guide smiled with half of his cigar hanging from the corner of his lips. He tucked his ...
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Jun 17 2014

Summer Scholars: My Quest to Redefine Beauty

  This summer I decided to get involved with the Summer Scholars Program.  Summer Scholars is for current ...
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Jun 3 2014

Where do Hawks land? The Jesuit Volunteer Corps!

Starting this August, I will be embarking on a year of full-time service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, ...
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May 28 2014

Where do Hawks land? Graduate school!

This fall, I will be attending Boston College to pursue my Master’s degree in English and follow my ...
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May 20 2014

Where do Hawks land? PepsiCo!

In just a few short weeks, I will be starting my full-time position with PepsiCo as a Sales ...
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Apr 30 2014

18 Reasons the Class of 2018 Will Love SJU

by Marissa Marzano '14 1. Because this is easily the most Instagrammable campus around. http://instagram.com/p/gY7y2zCx24/   2. ...and ...
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Apr 14 2014

Welcoming New Hawks One Bullhorn at a Time

The highlight of every admissions cycle comes during the first week of April when the Saint Joseph’s campus ...
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Apr 3 2014

Taking the Stage with the SJU Theatre Company

In high school, if there was a show coming up, whether a musical, play, dance show, or choir ...
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Mar 27 2014

Climbing Every Mountain at SJU

Coming into freshman year at Saint Joseph’s, students hear many words of advice from a lot of different ...
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Mar 8 2014

Livin’ in the City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is a city bursting with creativity and I’ve fallen pretty hard for this unique city. My favorite ...
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Feb 28 2014

Retreating to get closer at SJU

As a freshman, one of the best decisions that I have made was to participate in a retreat ...
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Feb 19 2014

Not the Second Choice, the Better Choice

The transfer experience for any student can be truly burdensome, for reasons both obvious and not, but at ...
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Feb 12 2014

Consider thinking Greek

Joining a sorority wasn't something that I could ever picture myself doing.   In the spring of my freshman ...
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Feb 6 2014


When applying to a Catholic college or university, some students have the misconception that such environments are not ...
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Jan 29 2014

The Do’s & Do Not’s of Essay Writing

February 1st always sneaks up on me.  From the holidays to the shorter winter days, it’s suddenly time ...
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Jan 21 2014


Sport's Illustrated released an article with the "100 Things You Gotta Do Before You Graduate (Whatever the Cost)." ...
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Dec 11 2013

So, Can I Take This Class Every Semester?!

“WHAT CLASSES SHOULD I TAKE?!” has to be the most asked question between friends during each semester’s registration ...
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Dec 3 2013

A Hawk’s Gotta Eat!

The famous Hawk Wrap! I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite like a home ...
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Nov 26 2013

Open Roads & Potholes: Magis in My Life

As a current senior, I’ve had the opportunity to think and reflect on what it truly means to ...
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Nov 19 2013

Walking Backwards and Moving Forward

During the first week of my freshman year, I walked into Bronstein Hall for my Work Study interview ...
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Nov 12 2013

Tips from the Other Side of the Desk

November 15th is probably one of my favorite days of the year in the office. November 15th is ...
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Nov 5 2013

From the Chalkboard to the Scoreboard

Life as a student-athlete at Saint Joseph’s University is hectic to say the least. With a jam-packed day ...
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Oct 29 2013

Nesting on Hawk Hill

Halloween Fun! One of the most anticipated days of the year for students at Saint Joseph’s University is ...
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Oct 22 2013

Inside-Out at SJU

As a Criminal Justice major, I have taken a lot of classes that involved learning about the United ...
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Oct 15 2013

Going Around the World for an Education

Amsterdam Traveling around the globe for SJU has provided the opportunity to see places that I never thought ...
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Oct 8 2013

Six weeks and counting!

I am only six weeks into my first semester as a college student and I can honestly say ...
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Oct 1 2013

Extra! Extra! How a newspaper helped me find my place on Hawk Hill

I think that it’s safe to say that everyone comes to college and joins at least one club ...
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Sep 24 2013

Galway, A Home Away from SJU

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have the opportunity to spend a whole ...
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Sep 18 2013

The Dictionary of Hawk Hill

“Finally nested! #THWND,” writes an excited freshman under the Instagram picture of her newly decked out Villiger dorm ...
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Sep 10 2013

From Hawk Hill to The Big Apple

All of my life I have known I wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment business, but ...
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Sep 3 2013

What is a Hawk’s Eye View?

It’s a brand new school year here at Saint Joseph’s and I’m excited to be the first student ...
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