Where do Hawks land? Dental school!

Running down Broad Street, three years ago, I remember seeing the street sign for Allegheny Avenue and thinking back to my recent alternate spring break APEX (the Appalachian Experience) trip to Allegheny Highlands, VA. I happened to look to my … Continued

Where do Hawks land? E&J Gallo!

I am excited to say that I will be working for E & J Gallo Winery post-graduation as a sales representative. I received my job offer this past December.  E & J Gallo Winery was at the SJU career fair … Continued

Top 10 Reasons to Make Your SJU Decision

10. Because school spirit. 9. Because blue hair is more than just a fashion statement.   SJU community members have been streaking their hair blue for Autism Awareness in the month of April.   8. Because our students have the … Continued

5 Things to Know about Being a Transfer Student

Whether you are a high school student planning on transferring in the future, or a current college student looking to change your experience, there are things every student should know before beginning the transfer process.  College admissions can seem daunting, … Continued

From Hawk Hill to Tokyo

Finally, after 14 hours of plane rides and a 2-hour bus ride that took me through the gigantic, beautiful, and spotlessly clean city of Tokyo, I finally arrived at Shinagawa Station, the face of the Sony HR representative I had … Continued

Easy? Maybe Not…

But worth it? Absolutely! While beginning a new chapter in your life is always exciting, it may not always be an easy start. There is always some risk involved when trying something new. I’d say transferring to a new school … Continued

I Decided at Walk With a Hawk

When I was applying to colleges what seems like ages ago, I had figured it was better to have too many options than not enough options. That worked until I had 10 acceptance letters and no idea how to pick … Continued