The Office of Facilities Management is responsible for managing and maintaining 144 acres and 80 buildings in Philadelphia and Lower Merion Township.

The Facilities Management Staff are trained in every principle trade required for maintenance and operation of the University and for the management of construction projects. Facilities Management is responsible for the proper execution of all maintenance and construction work at the University. No person or Department may direct or contract work at the University without authorization and coordination by Facilities Management.

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests may be submitted at any time via the SchoolDude Work Order System.

Emergency Maintenance Requests

(overflowing toilet, leak, power outage, etc.)

Monday – Friday (7:00am to 4:30pm): 610-660-3000
After hours, Holidays, and weekends: 610-660-1111

Renovations and Special Requests

Request for renovations and other non-routine maintenance should be submitted using the Project Request Form. Facilities Management will not perform renovations or special requests unless the Project Request Form is completed and the Department Vice President or Dean has signed the request. Facilities Management will develop budget estimates and schedules for the requestor to consider before initiating any construction. The costs for renovations and special requests shall be the responsibility of the requestor and no work shall commence until funds are transferred to Facilities Management for construction.

Some common renovation and special requests include: painting, carpet replacement, space planning upgrades to finishes, office renovations, and lighting upgrades.

Key/Lock Requests

Lock and key changes are provided by Facilities Management for all University buildings.

Key requests and lock changes must be submitted using the Key/Lock Request Form. A Department Head or a Vice President must sign the form prior to submitting the form to Facilities Management. Departments/Students will be charged for lost keys, lock changes, and extra locks. Only Facilities Management employees are authorized to change locks in University buildings.

Refuse and Recycling Collection Requests

Refuse and Recycling are picked up throughout the University on a regular schedule by the Office of Auxiliary Services. Requests for special pickups may be submitted at any time via the SchoolDude Work Order System.

Vehicle Requests

 A fleet of University vehicles is maintained by Facilities Management for use by the University community. Use of the University vehicles must comply with the University Transportation Policy. Drivers must be trained and complete an Authorized Driver Application Form and Agreement. Requests for vehicle must be submitted on the Vehicle Request Form.