STUDENT MAIL (letters) – Delivered to mailboxes daily by the U.S. Post Office

All resident students are assigned mailboxes (unit #) Letters are delivered directly to those boxes.

Student Packages are processed at the Package Center. Items are bar coded and an email is sent to the student for pickup at the designated times. Students must show valid I.D. and will be asked to sign for each package.  Outgoing mail from Student’s should be brought to the Mail Center.

INCOMING MAIL – Delivery to designated office locations each afternoon

Mailroom staff pick up from The Bala and West Park Post Offices each weekday morning by 9:30am.  Mail is sorted by department and delivered to offices the same day by mid-afternoon provided there are no delays from the Post Office.

OUTGOING MAIL AND INTEROFFICE MAIL – Pickup each afternoon from designated office locations

Along the afternoon delivery routes, interoffice and outgoing mail is picked up and brought back to the mailroom for sorting.

Address interoffice envelopes using the FIRST and LAST name along with the Department. Please be sure all inter office envelopes are closed and secure.

Mail should be addressed accordingly, sorted by size, bundled with a rubber band and facing the same direction.  Some mail can be sealed by our meter machine. Please place envelopes flap up and nestled if they are not sealed. Please separate all international mail from domestic mail.

  • Outgoing mail that is received in the Mail Center by 3:00 pm is metered with the correct postage and picked up by the U.S. Post Office daily around 4:00 pm.
  • Interoffice mail is sorted to be delivered the next day.

Mail that is for official University business will have metered postage applied by Mail Services and charged to your department.  Pre-stamped and metered mail delivered to the Mail Center by 3:00 pm will be posted the same day.

SENDING MAIL AND PACKAGES TO CAMPUS:  Mail Services is not responsible for packages that are not addressed in accordance with the addressing standards listed above.

SPECIAL SERVICES MAIL:  Any International and Special Services Mail should be separated from first class mail to be metered.  Special Services include Certified Mail and Express can be arranged at the Mail Center or the Package Center during window hours.

BULK MAIL – All large outgoing mailings for the University are handled as special requests.

  • The mailroom will presort to achieve the maximum discounts.
  • Contact the Mailroom – John Jaskel at ext. 1179 when you are in the planning stages of a new mailing so we can ensure that the correct procedures are followed and proper mail permits are used.

Keep UPS next and everything else on the page as is (except add bullet to Third Class Bulk Mail)

Must have non-profit indicia.