Shipping UPS

The Mail Center offers UPS shipping at a discounted rate.  We are able to offer substantially lower UPS shipping rates due to the University’s Non Profit status.  These rates can be as much as 50% cheaper than UPS stores.  We carry all shipping materials needed; boxes, packaging tape, brown paper, and bubble wrap.  Our UPS services extend from Ground Service to Next Day Air.


Incoming Packages/Parcels (Non-UPS)

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing Mail

We recommend URGENT UPS packages be placed in the UPS drop box located outside of Barbelin Hall OR ready for Mail Services pick up prior to 3:00pm placed in your designated office mail drop off location.

Email: MAILSERVICES@SJU.EDU for all UPS pick-ups and their locations to be picked up.

Interdepartmental Delivery

Interdepartmental Mail will be picked up daily with outgoing mail.

  1. Dated and correctly addressed with an Employee NAME, DEPARTMENT, or OFFICE.
  2. Double check envelope is closed, and secure envelope properly.
  3. We strongly recommend the use of Inter-Office envelopes for campus mail instead of the regular white number 10 business envelope. If white envelopes are to be used, the same preparation requirements listed above apply. The envelopes must clearly be marked "CAMPUS MAIL." Please be careful not to co-mingle mail of this time with your regular outgoing mail to be metered. It must be kept separate.
  4. Excess Interdepartmental mail envelopes may be returned to the Mail Center at any time. Be sure that they are empty before you turn them in.
    • Be mindful of similar name departments, must be appropriately addressed.
      • Example: Financial Department VS Office of Finance and Administration (OFA)
      • Example: Marketing Department VS Marketing and Communications (MarComm)
      • Communications Department VS Marketing and Communications (MarComm)

Interdepartmental envelopes are sorted and delivered within 1-2 business days upon receipt (in content of weekends and holidays, this time may increase).

We will date Interdepartmental envelopes the day we receive them.

Contact for Interdepartmental Envelopes.


Individual or Departmental Change of Address, email with the below information included:

Postal Services

Postage Meter (U.S. Postal Service rates apply per piece)

  • Prices are adjusted according to Envelope Size and Weight

Individual Stamps (U.S. Postal Service rate apply per stamp)


Basic mailing essentials

Assorted Envelopes, Standard Plain Boxes, and Packaging material available for purchase.

International Shipping with U.S. Postal Service standard rates.

Various Classes of Mail

The following are brief descriptions of the most commonly used Classes of Mail:

Bulk Mail

For USPS rates and regulations, see:

For more information on Standard Bulk Mailing in accordance with USPS:

Bulk Mail 101:

Freight Delivery Requirements

These procedures and guidelines are offered in a spirit of mutual help and cooperation. This mutual endeavor will enable us to better serve you and meet your needs, as well as provide you with the best possible economic and efficient postal services available.