Online Application

The ACESJU online application is a fairly swift application requiring basic background and education information, information on ACESJU interest and placement/degree preferences, and the below listed required documents:

  1. College/University Unofficial Transcripts (from ALL institutions attended and any credits obtained)
  2. Four Recommendations
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Four Short Essays
  5. Resume


Please note that the ACESJU application system is only set up to accept official transcripts. However, for the ACESJU application, only unofficial transcripts for post-secondary institutions (college/university, NOT high school) are required. You may find that on your application status page, once submitted, there is a red “X” indicating your transcript(s) have not been received. Please ignore this for your High School institution. If you have submitted your unofficial transcript in the "Required Documents" section of the application for your college(s)/university(ies), please also disregard the red "X." However, if you have not yet submitted your unofficial transcript in the "Required Documents" section, please do so at your earliest convenience.
If you are accepted into the program, you will be required to submit an official transcript with degree conferral date. More information on this will be provided upon acceptance.


The ACESJU application requires recommendations from the following four areas:

  • Academic- preferably a professor, who is able to speak to your academic performance and ability to take on graduate level work.
  • Work/Professional-  preferably a work or internship supervisor, who can speak to your past or present work/professional performance. Can be from a paid or unpaid position.
  • Spiritual- someone, perhaps a campus minister or clergy person, who can speak to your ability to engage in your spirituality.
  • Peer- a friend, teammate, or colleague who can speak to your ability to relate to others both at the individual and community level.

Once recommender information is filled out in the application, recommenders will automatically receive in their email a form to fill out and letter to complete. Once recommenders complete the form and letter, these documents will be automatically sent to the ACESJU review committee and added to your application. It is your responsibility to follow up with your recommenders to ensure their documents have been submitted.

Personal Statement

In the ACESJU application, you will be asked to upload or type in a personal statement. To begin writing your personal statement at any time, the prompt is listed below:

Why are you interested in becoming an ACESJU Education Fellow? What motivated you to apply to the ACESJU Program?

Please keep your response to 250 words.


Applicants will also be asked to upload four essay responses in the application. To begin writing your essays at any time, each of the prompts are listed below. Please keep all responses to 250 words.

  1. Short Answer 1: What is the most significant community that you have been a part of, and how did that community shape you as a person?
  2. Short Answer 2: Describe your most significant spiritual guide or influence, and how this person or experience has impacted your life.
  3. Short Answer 3: Describe an experience when a group or individual guided you to improve or develop. How did they assist you in getting better, or progressing?
  4. Short Answer 4: Describe the greatest adversity you have faced in your life. What did you do to get through the situation, and what did the experience teach you?


In the Required Documents section of the application, you will be asked to upload a current professional resume to the application.