A. Transcripts and Recommendations

Providing us with your transcripts and recommenders before you submit this form will expedite the review of your application. Please complete the following 2 steps as soon as possible.

1. We request that all undergraduate and graduate official academic transcripts be sent electronically to ACESJU at the following email address: acesju@sju.edu.

Our first preference is that official transcripts be emailed; however, if your college is unable to do so, please have official transcripts mailed to:

Fr. Daniel Joyce, S.J.
ACESJU - 208 Wolfington Hall
Saint Joseph’s University
5600 City Ave.
Philadelphia, PA  19131

* Undergraduate students at Saint Joseph's University should send an email to acesju@sju.edu granting the program permission to access the student's transcript via Degree Works.

2. Email to acesju@sju.edu the names and email addresses of the following recommenders (please label each name with the appropriate recommendation):

  • Academic
  • Work/Professional
  • Spiritual
  • Peer

B. Essays

During Step 4 of the application, you will be asked to upload four essay responses. To begin writing your essays at any time, each of the prompts are listed below:

The Alliance for Catholic Education at Saint Joseph's University (ACESJU) is a two-year program. The program is inspired by the vision of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, which established the world's first global educational system sustained over four and a half centuries. Fellows teach full-time in Catholic urban schools in the Philadelphia area, while receiving support and formation through the four pillars of the ACESJU program - education, community, spirituality, and simple living. Fellows work towards a Master's degree in Education with certification from Saint Joseph's University, receive feedback and support from their schools and ACESJU staff, live together in an intentional community with a focus on simple living, and are encouraged to develop their individual and communal spirituality through retreats, prayer, and reflection.

The integration of the four pillars promotes the holistic formation of the teacher and individual. The pillars exist to support teaching fellows in their important mission of providing a quality and values-based education to children in Philadelphia area Catholic urban schools. (Note: If there are any questions about the four pillars, please visit our website or contact an ACESJU staff member: acesju@sju.edu).

1. Personal Statement (please keep your response to 1 page)

Please describe who you consider to have been a “good teacher” in your life. How can a good teacher address issues related to social justice in urban Catholic education?

2. Short Answer 1 (please keep your response to 1-2 paragraphs)

Living in a community of fellow educators can bring many joys and challenges. What are some joys and challenges that you might expect to encounter? What personal gifts would you bring to create a positive, respectful, and engaging community atmosphere?

3. Short Answer 2 (please keep your response to 1-2 paragraphs)

How do you hope to grow in spirituality, both individually and as a member of a community, in the ACESJU program?

4. Short Answer 3 (please keep your response to 1-2 paragraphs)

Simple living involves a lifestyle with a shift of emphasis from material goods to relationships, community building, and reflection. Further, it involves a modest lifestyle (including modest spending and consumption), which so many are forced to embrace due to poverty, injustice, or other circumstances. Describe the practices you would incorporate in order to live simply in ACESJU. How can living simply as an ACESJU teaching fellow allow you to enter into solidarity with your students, school, and local community?

C. Resume

In Step 6, you will be asked to upload a current professional resume to the application.