Julia Brawley

Julia Brawley of Summit, N.J. is teaching 1st grade at St George School in Port Richmond. Julia is a 2020 graduate of Immaculata University with a major in Elementary Education (PreK-4) & Special Education Certification, and minor in Theology. She has been a clarinet musician for 11 years. Julia has a love of arts and crafts, theology, great organization skills, reading and creative writing, theatre and music, and loves coming up with creative ways to learn new things.




Sean Cahir

Sean Cahir of West Chester, PA is teaching Math at Monsignor Bonner Archbishop Prendergast High School in Upper Darby. Sean is a 2020 graduate of Duquesne University where he was a mathematics major with minors in theology and psychology. Sean has a great interest in instrumental music, as well as theater tech.





Nicholas Camusi

Nicholas Camusi of Abington, Pennsylvania is teaching 5th grade at St. Cecilia School in Camden. Nick is a 2020 graduate of Lasalle University where he majored in English with a minor in Psychology with a concentration on human development. Nick has served as a camp counselor at various camps for 8 summers, where he worked with kids ages 3-12 on recreation and environmental education. 





Jack Convery

Jack Convery of Media, Pennsylvania is serving in admissions and as an assistant in the principal’s office at Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti High School in South Philadelphia. Jack graduated from Saint Joseph’s University as a member of class of 2020, having majored in philosophy and psychology. In his free time, Jack enjoys reading and writing.





Jennifer Dang

Jennifer Dang of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will be teaching middle school English and Social studies at Blessed Trinity School in Philly. Jen is a 2019 graduate of Villanova University, where she studied Psychology and minored in educational policy leadership. She enjoys scrapbooking and drawing and hopes to one day publish children's books that are representative of minorities, specifically Asian cultures. She also loves reading about books that emphasize the positives and negatives of the United States' education system so that she can further her understanding of the necessary steps to improve the system.


Mary Grace Gockowski

Mary Grace Gockowski of Seattle, Washington is teaching 1st grade at St. Laurence School in Upper Darby. Mary Grace was a double major in Elementary and Special Education at Central Washington University, where she graduated in spring of 2019. Mary Grace has a wide variety of hobbies including hiking, baking, creative writing, music, art, and most importantly, board games!





Henrietta "Etta" Griffiths

Etta Griffiths of Yorktown Heights, New York will teach middle school English and Religion at St. George School in Port Richmond. Etta is joining us after a year of teaching at Christ the King School in Detroit, MI. She is a 2019 graduate of Manhattanville College where she double majored in Philosophy and Political Science. Etta loves exploring the outdoors, and is an avid camper, hiker, and skier. She also loves to connect her passions with her work, noting that she brings her love of arts and crafts and literature into the classroom to connect with others and to allow students to creatively express themselves. 



Maxwell Ickes

Maxwell Ickes of Rhinebeck, New York is serving as a learning support coordinator and as an assistant in athletics management at Little Flower High School for Girls in North Philadelphia. Max is also heavily involved in Little Flower’s COVID prevention response. Max is a 2020 graduate of Saint Joseph's University, where he majored in Political Science with minors in faith justice studies and communications. While at SJU, Max was a leader of the Appalachian Experience and participated in service at Face to Face, a multi-service organization offering free social services to residents in Germantown. He also has a passion for environmental conservation and sustainability. Not only is he very passionate about service and the environment, but he also enjoys playing sports, listening to music, cooking, and reading.

Aaron Lemma

Aaron Lemma of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania is teaching science and math at Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti High School in South Philadelphia. Aaron is a 2020 graduate of Saint Joseph’s University, where he majored in Interdisciplinary Health Services. Aaron has served as an RCIA Catechist for 5 years, and has a passion for teaching the Catholic Faith. He is also very interested in Physical Training, Exercise, and Fitness as well as Health & Wellness Education & Promotion. Aaron co-hosts a podcast, “It’s All Mahalo,” and produces the podcast “Ruffly Speaking,” hosted by SJU’s own Father Dan Ruff. Aaron has a great passion for photography...fun fact, Aaron is responsible for Cohort 10’s headshots!


Dillan Leonard

Dillan Leonard of Breesport, New York is serving as a kindergarten teacher at Gesu School in North Philadelphia. Dillan is a 2020 graduate of Rosemont College, where she majored in Elementary and Special Education with a minor in Political Science. While at Rosemont, she served as president of the Book Club, was a member of the Drama Club, led Service Trips and Retreats, was a facilitator of a Faith Discussion Group, and ran on the Cross Country Team. 




Ziyaerrah "Ziy" Martinez

Ziy Martinez of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a 2019 graduate of Cabrini University. While at Cabrini, Ziy majored education (PreK-4) with a minor in psychology, and is applying that knowledge as a 2nd grade teacher at Gesu School in North Philadelphia. Ziy has a great interest in and loves to constantly learn about conservation education, and has interned at Disney World!





Isabella Moraschi

Isabella Moraschi of Marlton, New Jersey is a High School Mathematics teacher at John Hallahan High School in Philadelphia. Isabella joins us after graduating from Rosemont College in the spring of 2020 with her degree in Mathematics, as well as a certification in 7-12 Mathematics teaching. Isabella loves to read, specifically fiction and books about math. She also loves to listen to music, sing, and run. She served as captain of the Cross country team during her time at Rosemont.




Andria Narisi

Andria Narisi of Warminster, Pennsylvania is teaching 6th grade at St. Laurence School in Upper Darby. Andria graduated from King’s College in 2020 where she earned a degree in Educational Studies. Andria has many hobbies, including painting, reading, and journaling, as well as coaching and playing softball.






Nathan Perfetti

Nathan Perfetti of Farmingdale, New York is joining us after graduating from Saint John’s University with a degree in Adolescent Education with a concentration in Biology. He has been part of an innovative comprehensive student teaching program on Long Island, and will use that experience as he teaches science at Monsignor Bonner Archbishop Prendergast High School in Upper Darby. While Nate has a deep passion for teaching, he has many other interests including working out and running outdoors. Nate also loves exploring New York City not only to discover new and exciting things, but also because he loves sharing his experiences with his students. 


Joseph Rogers

Joseph Rogers of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is serving as an English teacher at Monsignor Bonner Archbishop Prendergast High School in Upper Darby. After graduating from La Salle University in 2018 with Majors in Secondary Education and English, and minors in leadership and Global understanding, he went on to serve as a Lasallian from Volunteer Teacher at Christian Brothers High School in Minneapolis. When Joe isn’t road tripping with his friends, he enjoys traveling beyond our country’s borders to learn about places that once belonged to the British Empire. He also has a great passion for his faith, lived out through his experience as a Faith Formation teacher at his parish, as well as his interest in visiting various Catholic Churches to learn about their history and architecture. 

Francesca Santos

Francesca Santos of Leesburg, Virginia will serve as a Spanish teacher at Gloucester Catholic High School in Gloucester, NJ. Francesca graduated from Franciscan University in 2017, holding majors in Theology and Spanish. After graduating, she served as a post graduate volunteer teacher in Romania and Honduras. Francesca now joins us after a year of teaching Spanish at Harmony Middle School in Hamilton, Virginia. When she is not at work teaching or studying, Francesa likes to pursue her many interests including drawing, running, traveling, and learning about new languages and cultures.