Walsh Photo 2018-19

From left to right: Rachel Pardoe, Aesha Patel, Anthony Filiciello, Clare Hegarty, Tara McBride

Juckett Photo 2018-19

From Left to Right: Brian Thomas, Samantha Hagelbarger, Michael Efstation


Congragulations to Giovanni Paolo Sparacio, recipient of the 2018/19 Top-Level PICPA Scholarship.

PICPA~ Billy

Congratulations to William Legg, recipient of the 2018/19 Multi-Year PICPA Scholarship.

  • Would you like more information about the selection process?
  • Are you interested in getting involved in enrichment activities that previous scholarship winners have been involved in?

Be sure to e-mail Professor Waqar Ghani (wghani@sju.edu) with any inquiries regarding these Scholarship Programs.