Awards and Recipients

Fall 2018

Faculty Teaching Awards

Dr. Amber Abbas, History

Dr. Paul Klingsberg, Mathematics

Dr. Michael McCann '87, Biology

Dr. Stacy Olitsky, Teacher Education

Dr. Kersti Powell, English

Dr. Regina Robson, Management

Dr. Brent Smith, Marketing

Staff Service Awards

Ms. Elizabeth Moran, Office of the Provost

Ms. Dori Pappas, Economics

Ms. Patricia Scottoline '01 (A.D.), '04 (B.S.), Office of General Counsel

Faculty Research Awards

Dr. Kazuya Fukuoka, Political Science

Dr. Althier Lazar, Teacher Education

Dr. Andrew Payne, Philosophy

Dr. Jenny Spinner, English

Dr. Aubrey Wang, Educational Leadership

Administrator Service Awards

Ms. Jill Cleary '00, Information Technology

Ms. Lynn Langnas '15 (M.S.), Alumni Relations

Ms. Katie Bean, Student Outreach and Support

Faculty Advising Awards

Dr. Susan Liebell, Political Science

Dr. Eric Patton, Management

Justice Awards

Thomas Brennan, S.J., English

Ms. Mary Feeney, Biology

Faculty Service Awards

Dr. Kristin Burr, Modern and Classical Languages

Dr. C. Ken Weidner, Management