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10 Comments on “What Awakened You to the Magis?”

  1. Kathleen Johnson

    For the greater glory of God and living the Magis are values that have been instilled in me throughout my education. It began with the Sisters of Mercy and continues with my Jesuit education at SJU. Everything I do and the decisions I make have a ripple effect. These actions affect others, sometimes in ways that I am not even aware of. And so it is, in all that I do each day, I strive to think before I act and  to think before I decide, always considering the outcome that would better reflect the glory of God and bring about the most good for others. Taking the time to pray in silence but also seeking the counsel of others, helps me to hear the still small voice of God and to feel the call of the Holy Spirit.  Living the Magis is a daily choice and a gift to be shared with others!

  2. Colleen Koning

    Like any well-formed Jesuit educated student, I had to do my "research" before offering my reflection!  According to Wikipedia, magis is taken from Ad majorem Dei gloriam, which means "For the Greater Glory of God." What we do for others, we do for God, and visa versa.

    Living the magis is not an easy calling. To me it means, cultivating an awareness between the work of the Spirit, and the events of everyday life.  I'm not sure when I "officially" awakened to the Magis, yet I believe this way of life became deeply ingrained within my body, mind, and soul, during my journey at Loyola University Maryland.

    I am forever grateful for this gift.

    Colleen Koning
    Christian Service

  3. Scott & Julianne Donnini, owners - Auburn Road Vineyards

    As we changed our lives from that of corporate lawyers and litigators to that of grapegrowers and winemakers, we gave ourselves over to that inner voice that the compassionate universe seeds in each one of us.  And once that happened, the way we saw the rest of the world changed - we realized that every thought, every action, every idea we have impacts the world around us in a very real way -  put another way, that EVERYTHING MATTERS.  We have built our new lives and our new business on that principal.  We both connect our ability to be receptive to this experience, and our willingness to take the risks necessary make it a way of life, directly to our time at St. Joe's.  Though we may not have realized it at the time, that was the beginning of our Awakening to the Magis.

    Scott & Julianne Donnini - owners, Auburn Road Vineyards & Winery

  4. Dannette Stevens
    The Magis for me means living not just for myself. I live to serve God, Protect those who are in need, To give freely of my time and energy and to spread love.
  5. Beth Ford

    My "awakening to the Magis" was a journey that started when I was an undergraduate student at Saint Joseph's University.  My service-learning courses allowed me to see the beauty of people in our city - but also the poverty and other injustices they face.  The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius introduced me to a loving God, to discernment, and to the question, "How am I called to serve?" The Jesuit Volunteer Corps led me to be "ruined for life" after teaching in Tanzania, East Africa.  Now, I invite student to the Magis by introducing them to those living on the margins of our communities, by asking them to prayerfully reflect on the transformative impact of these relationships, and by asking them to discern, "How am I called to serve?" 

    Beth Ford
    Campus Minister, Service and Social Justice Programs

  6. Melissa McClory

    I was initially awakened to the Magis as an undergraduate at Saint Joseph's University, a community in which I felt (and still feel) a deep sense of having been cared for and having been supported and challenged to be and do more.  I thrived in this environment and developed a lasting love of learning and commitment to social justice, which ultimately informed my vocational choice of education.  In returning to Saint Joseph's as an employee over six years ago, I've awoken to the Magis present in our community on a continuous basis, through efforts collective and individual, in ways large and small.  I am blessed to be a part of Saint Joseph's University.

    -Melissa McClory, Career Development Center

  7. Jennifer M. Rossi

    My position at Saint Joseph's University is somewhat externally focused, but after being on campus for a year and focusing so much energy outward, something was urging me to be more involved on campus.  Around the same time, I became more curious about Ignatian Spirituality and the Jesuit Tradition.  My awakening to the Magis began with various people and interactions on campus, and was enhanced through my experience during the Spiritual Exercises.  My work is now inspired by the Magis in a purposeful way, rather than by coincidence, and I attribute that awakening to my SJU colleagues and the students on campus.

    Jennifer M. Rossi
    Career Development Center

  8. Terry Furin

    When I came to SJU eleven years ago to teach in the education department’s doctoral program I did not quite know what it meant to be associated with a Jesuit university. I quickly learned on the surface the Jesuit phrases – cura personalis, “men and women with and for others” and Magis. These were not internalized for me until I made the 28 week annotation of Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises. It was through these meditations that I felt the breath of God through His son Jesus Christ. It is this that has drawn me to seek this same breath in the children of Haiti, the peasants of Bolivia, and the students at our partner university in Santiago, Chile. Magis for me? – Continually seeking to breathe the breath of God.

    Terry Furin,
    Educational Leadership Department

  9. Jill Amitrani Welsh

    My awakening was not one moment, but a series of reflections that led to a deeper understanding that we are not a part of “society”, but a global community. We belong to one another and it is our faith that calls us to foster the inherent human dignity in all people.

    Jill Amitrani Welsh,
    Faith-Justice Institute

  10. Ann Marie Jursca Keffer
    "The people I have met in marginalized communities in Philadelphia, Bolivia, Mexico and El Salvador have called me to create a more just society. Through accompaniment in their daily struggles living in poverty and inequality, witnessing their prophetic love of God combined with my own privilege necessitates the response to educate men and women who can act for social change. The Magis keeps me searching for ways to create a better world for all."

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