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  1. Ali Altamimi

    Dear Father Gillespie,

    Congratulations on your inauguration as the 27th President of Saint Joseph University. I wish you the best and hope for wonderful changes at Saint Joseph University.  You will be an inspiration to all. I wish you every success and best wishes for a marvelous Presidency.

    Ali Altamimi
    Cohort VIII, IDEPEL Program at SJU

  2. Jason Madden ' 07

    Good morning Father,

    Congratulations and all the best to you on your inauguration day becoming our 27th president. You are in my prayers today as I watch the live stream; I know that you will guide and lead this university forward as it continues to become an even greater institution than it was during my time on campus. The current students will be truly blessed to have you as a leader. I'm looking forward to extending these wishes in person to you soon.

    Have a great day. The Hawk Will Never Die. Welcome Home.

    Jason Madden '07
    Devon, PA

  3. J. Stephen DiPietro '73

    Congradulatons on your appointment as President.  We are very lucky to have you at the helm.  The Hawk will never die.

  4. Breege Haughey

    Dear Fr. Kevin,

    Congratulations on your appointment as President of Saint Joseph's University from the Haughey family in Donegal.  We wish you the very best in your new position and we look forward to seeing you in Ireland soon.  

    Your Cousin Breege. 

  5. Joan Loretta Henkel, RSM

    Dear Kevin,

    It was so many years ago that you were my Spiritual Director at the Jesuit Center in Wernersville, yet your   "Spirit-led wisdom" continues to touch my life on a daily basis.   My sincere congratulations on your appointment as President of St. Joseph's University and my heartfelt thanks for the inspiration that you have instilled in me and so many others as you gently bring Christ into the world!  I know that Fr. Walter Ciszek (Zack) smiles on you this day! When the celebrations are past, I would enjoy meeting with you some day as time permits.

    Joan Loretta Henkel, RSM  

  6. Bill Laird

    Dear Father Gillespie,

    Congratulations on being named Saint Joseph University's 27th President! This is a tremendous opportunity for a "Philadelphian" who played Little League baseball not far from the Saint Joe's Campus. From all of your friends at Loyola University Chicago, we wish you the best and look forward to our continuing friendship.

    Kindest personal regards,
    Bill Laird

  7. Normandie Gaitley

    I am delighted. Kevin, that you have been appointed president of SJU!!!!!  I taught there as an adjunct while completing my degree and loved it.  Please keep me in mind should an opening surface that suggests a way I might be able to contribute to the Magis.  Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the meeting of the Catholic Intellectual Group on 10/10.

    Normandie Gaitley, S.S.J. 

  8. Bill McDevitt

    Dear Kevin,


    Congratulations on your ascension to the Presidency of your Alma Mater.  I am sure that it is a dream come true for you! The Friars, I am sure, are thrilled to see another Bonner Boy make good. I look forward to working with you again, my friend.


    Go Hawks!


    Bill McDevitt
    Associate Professor
    Department of Management

  9. Anne Becker


    Congratulations on this very exciting week. You and your family, and now your very big extended family will be in our prayers as you embrace your new role. We look forward to celebrating with you.

    Anne Becker,
    Alumni Parent - Current Parent & Friend of St. Margaret School

  10. Colleen Koning

    Dear Fr. Kevin,

    I wanted to let you know that the Greyhounds are cheering on The Hawks.  We're all ONE, right?  One in the Lord, that is!  This Greyhound will be forever grateful for the incredible journey through Spiritual and Pastoral Care at Loyola.  This journey of faith continues as I attempt to integrate these two foundational practices in everyday life.

    Prayers for you, and the community of St. Joseph University, as you continue your journey of faith.

    Colleen Koning, B.S., M.A., M.A.

  11. Cheryl Fisher

    Fr. Gillespie,

    I am so very excited for you as you venture on this new journey. St. Joseph's will be the better for having your leadership and spirit as I know I have been as your student at Loyola University Maryland.

    I feel extremely privileged to have your continued guidance as I complete my doctoral work. Many, many blessings to you during this very exciting time.

    Cheryl Fisher, M.S., NCC, LCPC
    Pastoral Counselor

  12. Sally Friel Ewing Liu

    Wishing God's Blessings on you as you are inaugurated as President of St. Joseph's University. I'm sure the atmosphere of Heaven is lovingly looking down on you as Sara and Frank Gillespie are bursting with love and pride of their youngest son's latest achievement and dedication to Catholic education and to the Jesuit Community. Looking forward to the celebrations!

    Sally and Frank Liu

  13. Nancy E. Sando

    Dear Father G.--How was I to know when I met you some years ago in Baltimore (when I was visiting Father Wm. Walsh) that you would be back in your hometown area as PRESIDENT OF ST. JOSEPH'S UNIVERSITY!!!

    Congratulations and may you and Saint Joseph's be blessed with many,many happy years together. N. Sando 

  14. Carmen Torres, SHCJ


    Tanti Auguri! Best wishes and abundant blessing as you and the SJU community celebrate this time.

    Ciao, Carmen 

  15. Kathleen Maas Weigert

    Dear Kevin,

    I'm so sorry I won't be able to join you for the great events of your inauguration. But I'll be there in spirit for sure. My very best to you and Saint Joseph's University as you formally begin as President. They are fortunate to have you!


    Carolyn Farrell, BVM Professor of Women and Leadership
    Assistant to the Provost for Social Justice Initiatives
    Loyola University Chicago

  16. Robert R Higgins

    On behalf of the Board of Governors of the Acadmey of Food Marketing and the Food Marketing Educational Foundation, please accept our heartfelt congratulations on your appointment as the 27th President of Saint Joseph's University. The Academy Board wishes you much success in this new endeavor and we look forward to you joining our Board of Governors at our October board meeting.

    Very best wishes,
    Robert R Higgins '68
    Executive Director, Academy of Food Marketing

  17. Normandie Gaitley, S.S.J.

    Dear Kevin,

    My congratulations on your recent appointment to SJU.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Know that I would very much appreciate the opportunity to meet with you when you have time. May you know blessings abundant on your new endeavor!

    Normandie Gaitley

  18. Samuel O. Shasanya Bs, MBA, MA, DSA

    Congratulation Kevin.

    It seems like yesterday when we are admiitted to St Joe"s by Father  Moore SJ. I was admitted as a pre-med while you were admiitted as a psychology major. I will not forget how we study for the biology class by Dr and Dr Mrs Mark. From the Biology class to the Library preparing for other classes and you developed us to study group. Thank you Kevin. I am positive that the Hawk will grow  under your lesdership. Welcome back to your root. Good Luck

    Samuel O. Shasanya Bs, MBA, MA, DSA.

  19. Shawn M Krahmer

    Dear Fr. Gillespie,

    On behalf of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, I formally welcome you to campus!  It would appear that your first month has been busier than most - with the inauguration of the new web site and the concomitant advertising blitz.  Once the school year has begun, we will invite you to come over to Bellarmine and meet all of us. 


  20. Stephanie Van Deusen, Ph.D, LPC

    Dear Kevin,

    I was watching the 2012 Olympics and saw your smiling face on an St. Joseph's University advertisement and felt this great pride and connection to our days at Loyola University in Maryland.  I can't tell you how excited I am for you!  You are a blessed man and a gifted educator!  St. Joseph's University is very fortunate to have you as their leader.  

    Take care,
    Stephanie Van Deusen, Ph.D.

  21. Katherine Darby

    Fr. Gillespie,

    As a member of the student body, I would like to welcome you to Hawk Hill and congratulate you on your appointment to the presidency of the University.  We are lucky to have you as our new president. 

    The Hawk Will Never Die!

    Katherine Darby
    Class of 2013

  22. Rev. Kevin Mason

    Dear Fr. Gillespie,

    Congratulations on your recent appointment to the Presidency of St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia!!! You are so very deserving and will be, without a doubt, both a blessing and an asset to the St. Joseph’s University, faculty, and students. This is an incredible accomplishment and an honor. I am privileged to have been under your tutelage and mentored by you when you taught at Loyola University in Maryland. I wish you the absolute very best and God’s richest blessings and favor upon you in this new endeavor.

    Kevin Mason, M.A., M.S.
    Pastoral Counselor

  23. Amy Gutmann

    Congratulations on your recent appointment to the Presidency of Saint Joseph’s University! I’m confident that your record of leadership at Loyola University Chicago will serve you well as you take the helm of your alma mater.

    Amy Gutmann
    University of Pennsylvania

  24. Joseph Gontrand DECOSTE, S.J.

    First of all, accept and allow that I congratulate you sincerely and warmly for your election as the 27th President of the Saint Joseph’s University. I think that it is a great award and reward to your deep commitment to academic excellence and your fervent dedication to Catholic and Jesuit education.

    Joseph Gontrand DECOSTE, S.J.
    Bishop of the Diocese of Jeremie, Haiti

  25. Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D.

    On behalf of Le Moyne College, I extend congratulations on the recent announcement that you have been elected as the twenty-seventh president of Saint Joseph’s University. I offer you my personal best wishes for great success and fulfillment leading your alma mater.

    Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D.
    Le Moyne College

  26. Bernadette V. McGlade

    Congratulations on your recent appointment as the President of Saint Joseph’s University. As the A-10 Commissioner, I look forward to working with you and continuing to build the great academic and athletic tradition of the Atlantic 10 Conference.

    Bernadette V. McGlade
    Atlantic 10 Conference

  27. Dr. h.c. William Dirk Warren, KCHS ‘50

    Please extend my hearty congratulations to Father Gillespie and best wishes for a successful term as the new President of my alma mater.

    Dr. h.c. William Dirk Warren, KCHS ‘50
    Hon. Counsul General of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  28. Charles Shreiner ’50

    Allow the three Shreiners who have been graduated from SJU to join all those other alums who sent congratulations for your having been named the new President of the University. We know that you will do well. You have many good people ready to assist you.

    Charles Shreiner ’50

  29. Tom McFadden

    Monica and I were very pleased to learn of your appointment as president of Saint Joseph’s. Congratulations on a well-deserved honor. We know that you will do a wonderful job leading the University that has meant so much to you and your family. The life of The Hawk is in very good hands.

    Tom McFadden
    President Emeritus
    Marymount College

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