What a Welcome!

The college application process is one of the most frightening, daunting processes a high school senior goes through. But what happens once you’re accepted? Then comes the even scarier task of deciding on which college to attend. This is where … Continued

From Flapping My Wings to Earning My Ears

Almost one year ago to the day, I found myself working among many upperclassmen within the admissions office.  One of the students, Carla, was talking about how excited she was to head to Florida after winter break to complete an … Continued

It’s OK to be Undecided

If you’re a senior in high school, it’s hard to imagine what life will hold next year — let alone five or ten years from now. Deciding your college major may feel like a choice that will determine the rest … Continued

The red envelope always brings good news.

It was just a few days before Christmas and I was driving around downtown dropping off gifts at homeless shelters with friends. As I grabbed a bite to eat at Lime my phone began to ring incessantly. I looked down and … Continued

The Pride of Being a Hawk

Walking through the doors of Hagan Arena is a feeling like no other.  I stepped into the arena on the night of December 3rd when our Saint Joseph’s Hawks were set to face one of our biggest rivals, the Temple … Continued

An Eye-opening Experience in Autism Education

The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support aims to improve the lives of individuals and families managing an autism diagnosis, while also training compassionate and dedicated professionals empowered and capable of fulfilling the mission beyond The Kinney Center walls.  I … Continued

7 Reasons to Apply EA

The early action deadline is in just four days! Applying now to SJU offers a range of benefits — from exclusive scholarship opportunities to possibly getting a big red envelope sticking out of your mailbox in December. If you are still working … Continued

“I’m Bored” – Said No Hawk EVER!

“I’m bored.” – These are two syllables that I don’t think I have ever uttered during my college career. Throughout my time at SJU so far, I have made a habit of immersing myself in what I am truly passionate … Continued

10 Reasons to Major in Admissions

While there isn’t really a major in admissions, there are many skills that you can bring from lots of different majors to this career.  Event planning, public speaking, writing, planning, organization and problem-solving are just a few skills needed to … Continued