Service: An Experience of Common Ground

As a freshman, I chose to participate in the Service-Learning program as a way to make friends and to establish a community. Throughout the year, I formed a bond with my service partners, classmates and professor; yet, what I didn’t … Continued

Where do Hawks land? JVC Northwest!

During my last few days on Hawk Hill, I, like many other graduates of the class of 2015, reviewed the past four successful years through self-reflection.  Walking from Barbelin courtyard to on top of the Science Center, I thought over … Continued

Where do Hawks land? Dental school!

Running down Broad Street, three years ago, I remember seeing the street sign for Allegheny Avenue and thinking back to my recent alternate spring break APEX (the Appalachian Experience) trip to Allegheny Highlands, VA. I happened to look to my … Continued

Where do Hawks land? E&J Gallo!

I am excited to say that I will be working for E & J Gallo Winery post-graduation as a sales representative. I received my job offer this past December.  E & J Gallo Winery was at the SJU career fair … Continued

Top 10 Reasons to Make Your SJU Decision

10. Because school spirit. 9. Because blue hair is more than just a fashion statement.   SJU community members have been streaking their hair blue for Autism Awareness in the month of April.   8. Because our students have the … Continued

5 Things to Know about Being a Transfer Student

Whether you are a high school student planning on transferring in the future, or a current college student looking to change your experience, there are things every student should know before beginning the transfer process.  College admissions can seem daunting, … Continued

From Hawk Hill to Tokyo

Finally, after 14 hours of plane rides and a 2-hour bus ride that took me through the gigantic, beautiful, and spotlessly clean city of Tokyo, I finally arrived at Shinagawa Station, the face of the Sony HR representative I had … Continued