From Hong Kong to Paris: Studying Abroad

I got the travel bug at a young age — I remember watching the travel channel in elementary school when other kids were watching Nickelodeon and the Disney channel. I wanted to travel the world and I was enthralled by … Continued

My Philadelphia Magazine Internship

On May 19th, almost a week after I had taken my last final of sophomore year, said goodbye to my friends, and moved out of my apartment, my first day in the adult world had already begun. For the next … Continued

Why Haub?

There are so many reasons to choose Saint Joseph’s University but the Haub School of Business (HSB) is just one of them.The Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University is known throughout the country.  Haub is AACSB (Association to Advanced Collegiate … Continued

Two Homes 2,721 Miles Apart

2,721. That’s how many miles away my son Riley will be when he goes off to college at Saint Joseph’s this fall. It’s a number that has rolled around in my brain a lot over the last few months, especially … Continued

Transferring to SJU can be easy!

Are you looking to transfer to Saint Joseph’s University for this coming fall?  Want to know how far your credits will go here on Hawk Hill? Register for Saint Joseph’s University’s Transfer Review Day on July 24th and start this … Continued

Thank you, world!

Around 350 days ago, I sat on my great-grandmother’s quilt covering the canopy bed that I requested for my 10th birthday, staring at the packed and recently purchased Marshall’s suitcase, and the purple backpack from my high school days. Together … Continued

10 Things To Do When You #visitSJU

By: Corinne Logan, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions The first bit of advice that I give to students starting their college search is to visit, visit, and visit some more!  There is no better way to learn about a school … Continued

Experiencing Uncharted Waters

Our guide smiled with half of his cigar hanging from the corner of his lips. He tucked his paperback Santeria book in the nook of his elbow and crossed his arms over his tie-dyed “Rastafarian” t-shirt. He squinted at us … Continued